Wedding ceremony is the most important day in people’s life time. What kind of wedding dresses should we wear bothers lots of people? Now the year 2010 has already stepped into its normal way, what kind of wedding dress is perfect for 2010?

After the shock of the movie 2012, the fashion style of wedding dress trends is surely change its way, here is some advices for the wedding dress style, hope you would like it.

1 Short wedding dress

A friend of mine is considering wearing a short wedding dress for her wedding, the one she has selected one in It is a white strapless ruffles taffeta wedding dress. This short wedding dress features a fantastic feathered skirt that makes it really special. It is very unique, though not a traditional wedding dress at all.

2 Massiness

with the shock the movie, the horror scene in 2012 still remind us cherish our family, for we could not predict what would happened next minute. So in the wedding the brides are in love with the wedding dress that with tea length. Look at the dress as follow, it is a sweet heart design and bow shape belt on waist it is beaded

3 Cheap

Although the economic is in its recovery way, it is surely refer to the economic entity. It is still a long way to benefit the individuals. So at present, the cheap wedding dress is still the one we need most. The following is a cheap one that only cost us $42.99. this dress is features its strapless and gold sash design.