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30 Aug 2016

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Published on: 14 Nov 2016 by rudyard

The Healthy Benefits Of Turmeric Starch

What is Turmeric Starch?

Turmeric starch is extracted from fresh turmeric removed resin and oil containing high content of curcumin. Many people got confused between turmeric starch and turmeric powder, some people thought they are one, but it is totally wrong. In order to help you understand clearly what turmeric starch is, we would like to introduce to you the process of turmeric production as followings:

· STEP 1: Select fresh turmeric, wash them and peel the cover, sterilize and eliminate acid by water vapor.

· STEP 2: Turmeric are  liced and dried. Normally people dry out turmeric by the solar energy system to keep maximum Curcumin in turmeric instead of basking in the sun.

· STEP 3: The dried turmeric slices are grinded, screened out fibers and impurities

· STEP 4: This turmeric powder will be distilled by a roll water vapor system to remove turmeric oil. The obtained product is turmeric starch

Compare to turmeric powder, Turmeric starch is removed turmeric oil, an especially Curcumin content will be retained while Curcumin in turmeric powder will be lost due to the hand-crafted production process, and especially turmeric oil is still there. You should learn and know clearly about the difference between turmeric starch and turmeric powder to avoid buying shoddy product that may affects to your

The benefits of turmeric starch to the human health.

 1. Turmeric starch is believed to prevent cancers:

The researchers have studied and indicated that curcumin in turmeric is considered as a beneficial herbal remedy in cancer treatment. The studies also showed that turmeric starch can reduce the formation of blood vessels (the growing of new blood vessels in tumors), metastasis of cancers (the spreading) as well as kill the cells causing cancers.

Many studies indicated that curcumin can decrease the growth of cancer cells in the laboratory and suppress the growth of tumors in animals, especially the gastrointestinal tract cancers (such as colorectal cancer)

It seems to be early to confirm certain benefits which curcumin in turmeric starch brings to cancer treatment.  But these studies are gradually showing the positive signals of beneficial turmeric starch for cancers – the most dangerous disease in the world.

2. Turmeric starch helps to detoxify liver

One of the best ways to detoxify liver is bile creation. The detoxification process of liver will be much beneficial if much bile is produced. According to experts’ research, drinking turmeric starch helps to increase bile energy and purify the liver, rejuvenate liver’s cells and provide more energy to eliminate toxins.

3. Turmeric starch helps to metabolize fats

If you want to lose weight or control your weight, let use turmeric starch combining with regular exercise and using variety of fresh vegetables, fruits. Turmeric starch supports to metabolize your fats so it helps to manage your body weight. In addition, turmeric starch also supports to your gastrointestinal tract working better

4. Turmeric starch helps to relieve dysmenorrhea

Drinking turmeric starch daily and twice per day, two weeks before your estimated menstruation cycle will help to relieve dysmenorrhea.

5. Turmeric starch helps to prevent inflammation and increase resistance

For patients with arthritis, the repeated aches and pains are their haunted nightmare. If they use anti-inflammatory medications by injection or oral form, their health would be badly affectedTo restrict using antibiotics while relieving the joint pains, many patients have used turmeric starch since curcumin in turmeric starch works to prevent the activities and formation of some enzymes relating to inflammatory process. Besides that, curcumin may suppress Kappa multiplication factor reducing the risks of arthritis.

For those with stomachache, they never forget the painful feelings and the discomfort at epigastric area, the lower area of ribs while spasms stomach. And this badly affects to their life. That’s why they also often drink turmeric starch. It has antiseptic properties decreasing ulcers in the stomach. In addition, turmeric starch also has anti-infection strengthening
the body resistance.

6. Turmeric starch helps to postpone the beginning of Alzheimer

Being advanced age, the elderly people are easy to suffer from Alzheimer due to the degeneration of nervous tissues caused. In recently, the scientists at UCLA University (USA) have researched ways to lower the formation of Beta Amyloid – a substance that blocks and kills the human brain cells through the curcumin found in turmeric starch. This active substance is the barrier preventing the spreading of Amhyloid pieces in the brain causing Alzheimer.

7. Turmeric starch helps to control cholesterol level

Turmeric starch can regulate the homo-cysteine level and through its interactions, it also helps to control cholesterol level. Therefore, it is really useful to prevent and treat cardiovascular diseases.

8. Turmeric starch helps to regulate your insulin level.

Turmeric starch can help to regulate insulin level in the blood of the human body, restrict insulin level, if we eat too much starches and sugars; we are easy to have Type II diabetes.

Some notes while using turmeric starch:

· Do not use turmeric starch together with Western Medicines to prevent bad effects to the blood.

· Women with prolonged menorrhagia should not use turmeric starch because turmeric starch can canalize blood and oxygen

· People with stomachache and intestinal tract diseases should drink yellow turmeric starch (yellow turmeric starch with water and honey) one to two hours after the meal.

· Should not consider turmeric starch as a panacea because it only works when using moderately. Curcumin helps to reduce the abilities of inflammation and has anti-oxidant properties but if you use too much turmeric, it may cause side effects such as vomit, diarrhea, iron metabolism disorder or blocking of protein hepcidin causing lack of iron at sensitive patients.

· Using high dose of curcumin may stimulate adrenal glands excreting cortisone – a substance has high anti-inflammatory properties. So if you use too much turmeric starch, the inflammatory abilities of the body may decrease.

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