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Ren Curry



"Never give up, Never Surrender"

10 May 1988
United States


I'm 25 and on my way to becoming gorgeous! Since January I have completed the Beach Body Ultimate Reset and Insanity. Now I am doing Brazil Butt Lift. I am down 35 lbs!! Excited for the changes!

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Published on: 02 Jun 2012 by renderella

Don't hurt your heart!!

Okay, who am I to say who you can and cannot be with. I'm no one, just someone (one of the few in the world) who actually care about others and want the best for them. My life goal has been to please as many people as possible and help them in difficult situations even if it hurts them. I'd rather have friends in healthy relationships than to have any friends at all.


Now I have seen a lot of crud throughout my interesting 24 years of living and I myself have even been in one of those sticky encounters. The point of this blog is insight and maybe a little kick in the rear and head to some of you. I know some of this may be hard to hear, but you need to open your eyes and not be "that girl/guy".


-If your bf/gf is constantly texting someone else and they have been hiding their phone from you, turning off the sound when you are around, or just leaving their phone in the car or house, then it is likely that the person is cheating on you. Actually not just likely probably. Now I will let you know that I got myself into that predicament and my ex thought I was cheating on him, but I just have an issue with people looking over my shoulder. If he would have asked nicely he would have been able to see stuff, but when partners start acting crazy and DEMAND to see your stuff, that's the 1st sign that they are paranoid and you either change something you are doing or you end the relationship there. Now on the flip side it could be that they are cheating and they are now freaking out because they think you may actually leave them. HA, I love drama stories like that.


-Do you like to go hang out with friends? Are most of your friends the opposite sex? If so you are going to have an interesting time in any relationship. Both sexes are extremely jealous and if you, like I did, have a guy (in my case) who is constantly getting compliments and girls staring at him you would want to keep a leash on them, but you have to remember that once you try to put one on them, they will definitely put one on you! Don't expect it to only go one way. Once the cat is out of the bag and you let them know you have an issue with it, they will be all over you about what problems they have with you and your crowd.


-Uhh, now to something I really dislike going over, but I need to after reading a certain your ladies many blogs. Don't get the wrong idea, I'm not against who you love, or trying to tell you what to do with your life. I am just giving you my observations and conclusions I have drawn from those.

Now....if your partner is living with, living next door to (apartments), or is always around an ex that wants you two to break up, then I believe you should do that. UNLESS you live with them, live next door to them, or you are also always around don't risk it. I have seen too many hearts break from situations like this and half the time they don't even realize what going on until someone else points it out or they just so happen to see the text. I honestly would rather see my partner kissing someone else then to have to read a nasty text to know they are cheating. Seriously, if you are dating someone whose ex is living with them, their parents, or their best friends I would say get out of there while you can. No one needs to go through something like that because you know in the back of your head those thoughts and feelings are not allowing you to rest easy and enjoy the relationship.


- Prior offenders will do it again: So you say your boyfriend cheated on you. Okay cool, so you're back together because he promised he wouldn't again, but he hardly text you or calls you like before. Okay well that's still fine. You ask to see his phone one day and he gives it to you without thinking and BAM he has a bunch of text from all these other girls and you can clearly see why he hasn't been texting you. He's been too busy at someone else's house or getting his text mack on. I know what you're thinking, not all people are like this, and that is true! BUT the percentage of those people who don't do it again is so low do you want to take the chance?

If you start in a relationship and find out the person had cheated before, just make sure that you feel comfortable with that before jumping in bed/ a relationship with the person. I believe if it's a new person, they deserve a clean slate. Now if they murdered someone or something that is NOT okay!!!!


-The above section doesn't only go for cheaters it goes for theives, liars, and addicts too: On that note, what is with girls still wanting BAD BOYS?! What's the point? Do  you want to ruin your life? Some of you may have such low self esteem that you say "yes, I don't care, I just want to be loved by someone", but what kind of life is that for you? We ladies and gents need to stop trying to wait for someone to love us and learn how to love ourselves!! It's been a tough road for me these past years and I am just now getting back to a semi-normal state. I don't know how long it will take me to be "normal" again, but I am loving myself more each day. Also starting my workouts has made me feel better and have boosted my energy. I am a much happier person and on my way to be a healthier person. My goal is to get you on BG to realize that you don't need to bend to someone elses wishes and do things that you know are wrong to feel wanted, loved, or needed. There's a lot of people out there who will be there for you when you need something. Seriously if you want someone to talk to, I'm here! You need someone to listen to you, I got your back. If you just want to cry and someone to tell  you it's okay then I am here for that too. Why run to a guy or girl who may end up leaving you when you can have a friend for life who will try their best to keep a smile on your face.


^ No lie guys, if you ever need anything you can email, txt, call me at any hour of the night or day. Of course if I'm in a class or at work  I may not answer, but I promise I will call you back and help you through those tough days. Everyone needs friends like that and I happen to have great ears and sometimes great advice hehe.


Done done done done done....this was too long. Any questions? Ask away. I'm really an open book and any question is allowed.


I do have more things I wanted to touch on, but this will do for now.

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