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08 Sep 1990
United States

Hi, This is Ochena. I'm a SEO professional who also loves writing about health and fashion. Keep reading my articles and loving me.

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Published on: 22 Feb 2017 by ochena

Reasons Your Hair Is Turning White Gradually

Are you worried that your
hair is turning white all of a sudden? There could be many factors responsible
for that. White hair is beautiful especially at old age. As we age, our hair
turns white.

But what are those factors
responsible for white hair at a young age? Could it be educational stress?
Stress from peer group? Or could it be a lifestyle problem?

The thing is,
educational stress cannot make your hair turn white. Though stress can make you
develop white hair, but it is not that kind of common stress. The stress that
can make you grow white hair automatically is a physiological stress that can
affect the function of the body.

So let us look at some of
the factors that can really make hair turn white even at a young age.

white hair

We have seen cases where
people who handle some public offices like the US president, vacate the seat of
power with their hair already turned white. The question is could it be because
of the stress involved in the world’s most stressful job?

The answer is yes.
There is a relationship between melanin and stress. Research claims that
hormones produced as a result of stress can negatively affect melanocyte stem
cells. Melanin is the pigment that helps to maintain the natural color of the
hair and skin. So, when it is depleted due to stress, it can cause white hair.

or Gene Induced White Hair

There are traits and
characteristics that could pass on from parents to their offspring, and white
hair is one of them. Do not be surprised when you start having white hair at a
young age, even when you are healthy or not undergoing too much stress.

You can
have white hair if your parents or close relatives had it. So ask properly, to
know if having white hair at an early age, runs in your family line.

White Hair

As we age, our hair turns
gray and then white. It starts gradually and spreads throughout. Now, what is
the main cause of white hair at old age? Every old person in my neighborhood has
white hair and why?

As earlier said, melanin is the natural pigment produced by
the body, to maintain our hair and skin color. As we grow old, the body’s
ability to produce melanin diminishes. What this means is that melanin
production will be reduced.

induced White Hair

Smoking is another factor
that causes premature graying or hair. Smoking is responsible for the build-up
of free radicals in the body, which causes oxidative stress.

Oxidative stress
can be clearly defined as the state where free radicals in your body,
outnumbers your antioxidant defenses. And one of the signs of oxidative stress,
which could be induced by smoking is premature whitening of your hair.

induced White Hair

Lack of certain vitamin
can cause white hair to develop. An example of such vitamin is vitamin B 12.
However, the vitamin can be gotten from animal products such as meat, fish, and

In addition to vitamin
B12, lack of other vitamins can cause white hair. Examples are vitamin C, and
Vitamin E. In most cases, we don't even know we lack these vitamins. So it is
the body’s own way of saying we need to replenish those vitamins if we want to
keep our dark hair and good health.

Induced White Hair

Not minerals like Coke,
Pepsi, and the rest but minerals like Iron, Zinc, and Copper. The body need
these minerals, not just to function properly but to help maintain the dark
color of hair. For example, Iron. It helps to keep the skin and hair healthy.

Not just skin alone, but iron helps in the production of hemoglobin, which of
course, is responsible for the transportation of oxygen. However, iron
deficiency can cause anemia, a condition in which the red blood cell or
hemoglobin becomes deficient. Since the body cannot produce enough hemoglobin
to transport oxygen, it also becomes impossible to take vitamin B12.

Copper is another vital
mineral the body needs. Reports are that too much zinc intake can cause a
deficiency of copper. Copper is needed by the body to produce melanin, the
pigment responsible for maintaining our hair color. So, when we lack this trace
mineral, melanin production by the body declines. This causes hair to turn

Products and Treatment

The type of chemicals used
on your hair can change its color over time. Using highly concentrated dyes,
soaps and shampoos may directly cause this problem.

Hair Caused by Autoimmune diseases

disease Induced White Hair

White hair could also be a
sign that you are suffering from an autoimmune disease like thyroid disorder.
When the thyroid gland doesn’t produce enough thyroid hormone, hypothyroidism
may occur. Your hair might turn gray gradually and once things get back to
normal, its color will improve.

Induced White Hair

Vitiligo is another
autoimmune disease that causes white hair. Vitiligo is a condition of the skin
that causes the death of the pigment producing cells of the body (melanocytes).

These cells produce the chemical called melanin, which gives the skin and hair
its color. Therefore, if these cells close to the hair are affected, then the
hair turns white.


There are many factors
that cause white hair. Some we bring upon ourselves and others we can’t
control. We can also make things better by doing things the right way.

taking cigarettes can cause this problem, we can make things better by stopping
cigarette. However, old age and gene induced white hair are situations we
cannot control.

Here is a brilliant article about white hair causes


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