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Nicolette (Nicole, Nikki) Marie

Published on: 19 Jan 2011 by ninja_nikki

Bullying Part One

It's been on my mind for a while...bullying is an ugly thing. It's been around for so long. I have expierenced it first hand I would like to tell you about my expierence and what my opinion is on it.....

I was bullied from the time I was in second grade to the time I was in seventh grade, after that I couldn't take anymore of it and I decided to get homeschooled. I still ask myself if this was the weaker way of getting out of it? I remember a few incidents specifically. When I was in 3rd grade I was tripped on the school playground by a boy. I fell face first onto the ground, to make matters worse the ground was scattered with broken glass (I know, I didn't go to the best school). The teacher had to help me off the ground and I felt blood dripping down my face. She brought me inside and I told her the boy tripped me...she didn't believe me. So, when my dad got there she told him I tripped and he believed her. I didn't say a word about it when I got into the car all I knew is that I felt unloved. The next year presented a new school (Burroughs Elementry). I came into the school with a big smile on my face, a couple days afterwards I came home crying. The kids were so vicious attacking every little thing about me; whether it had been my too short pants, my too thick eyebrows, etc. I told my mom and she came to the school and talked to the principle about it. One specific girl who made fun of me was addressed about the bullying. She denied it all and didn't get in trouble, the next day she pushed me right onto the ground....After that, I didn't say a word to my parents. When the end of 5th grade came around, I decided to switch schools again. I was so excited, it was an enviromental school and I loved everything about nature and animals. It was a fresh I switched schools. That was probably one of the worst years of my life (tied with 7th grade). Yea, I thought the bullying was so horrible at Burroughs....I hadn't seen nothing yet. That was the year I tried to fit in so much....going from one "Clique" to the next, but everybody thought I was a joke and a wannabe. Don't get me wrong, there were a few nice people there, but I really had no good friends. That was the year that I started cutting....And again I decided to switch schools again. I was going to go to Byrndale (it was middle school that all the kids from Burroughs were going to). I figured "Hey, I have a few friends there...might as well go back". So, as soon as 7th grade rolled around I was going to was horrible. All of my "friends" had changed, only one said Hi and I ended up hanging out with her, but we had no classes together. And even after that she stopped sitting by me. So for 5 out of 6 periods I was alone. I was getting constantly made fun...and then I started thinking of suicide. I wasn't planning it, but I was thinking all the ways I could kill myself and how they would all feel like complete idiots. There were many days I would pretend to be sick....Some days at lunch, I had to eat in the bathroom....Finally, the year was over and I decided to get was it a cowardly choice to avoid my peers instead of confronting them? I don't know...I was being told constantly to tell somebody. Ha! I learned that lesson...Yes, let's all go and tell somebody, so when they get confronted about it, they can kick our ass for being a snitch. The teachers really don't care...It's so sad bullying still around and nobody should have to go through it. Whether it's  your race, your home-life, your looks, your sexual-orientation....nobody should have to go through it...we are all equal! It's so sad that some people dedicated their lives to equal rights (like Martin Luther King Jr and Gandhi), but then racisim, discrimination, steryo-typing and bullying are still going on. Bullying to me falls under the same catagorey as equal rights, because when your bullied your being singled out and your being treated unequally as others. So what's your opinion on bullying? What are some of your expierences....Stay tuned for Part 2!





cute_wonderful_blondie says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2011

Yes, you're right. Bullying is pretty much the worst thing a kid/teen can be. Luckely I really haven't actually seen it or experienced it cause in this "part of the world" bullying doesn't really have a place for himself. But I also hate other kinds of discrimination that I'm more aware of. Some people don't wanna talk to me when they hear where I live, but the ones that don't know where it is, they just think, oh it's a poor country. Even if it is, so what?! I'm not a country, I'm a person, I represent only myself. So I really admire people that took their part in trying to make this rather horrible things go away.


flygirl says:

Posted on 20 Jan 2011

To " cute_wonderful_blondie.. Where are you from that they don't want to talk to you.?


becca_16 says:

Posted on 21 Jan 2011

Go Ninja_Nikki! My life has been a very similar situation, and i congratulate you for getting it out there. Bullying destroys lives. My friend committed suicide. I was cutting and nearly did the same. im at my 5th school now, and have also been homeschooled. i was bullied here, but luckily for me, i have found a group i can fit in with, and try to ignore those that are mean. There are rumours that its my fault my friend committed suicide and that i raped her. I hate them, but one thing i realised is that it really DOESN'T matter what they say. My dad taught me that. Whe i groq up, have a family of my own, and are saving lives at the hospital, will it matter what they said when i was 15? When my kids start school, or get married, or have their own kids, will their words have affected that? NOO! They can't hurt us if we don't let them. Go girl, and good luck. What you did wasn't cowardly. Its perfectly fine! x


_brookielyn_ says:

Posted on 27 Jan 2011

I think any teenager you talk to is going to say they have been bullied before or they feel alone. All of the "popular" kids have to act a certain way in order to fit in and in the long run don't really have true friendship as we do. 7th grade year was the worst year you have been through but don't forget that that's also the year you met me. There is always a reason for everything and those tough times will only make you stronger and i think you were just trying to discover who you are and that's why you went to many groups, trying to find were you fit in best. Isn't it such a coincidence though that you were asked to sit next to me and five minutes later sparks flew and we became best friends when you were going through that time? Maybe God brought me into your life at that time because he knew you needed a friend, one would accept you for who YOU are and would never judge you! Don't ever forget that i have considered you my sister ever since! I

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