IF you like Originality, Being different, standing out from the crowd, origins of scene style, expressing yourself in various ways, you may draw inspiration from Harajuku style

The term Harajuku Girls is given to teenagers dressed in any style who are in the area of Harajuku.Visual Kei, Lolita & Decora being the most popular styles seen in Harajuku, there are many others to follow through.

Among the different Lolita styles, one of the disctinctive trends is Gothic Lolita.

Unlike western gothic, Gothic Lolita combines the adorable Lolita flair with dark themes, heavy eye makeup, accessories with uncommon shapes, etc.

Gothic Lolita isn’t to be confused with Visual Kei or Guro Lolita, since Gothic Lolita fashion is inspired by the elegance and poise from victorian gothic fashion.

Visual Kei, meaning “visual music style”, is considered to be the opposite to Harajuku - a darker version of this dolls without resembling Gothic Lolita.

Visual Kei emulates, as it name says, japanese rock music idols. Early when this fashion started, fans mimicked their favorite musicians’ looks when dressing frantically and wearing wild makeup, along with intricate hair dos and even body modifications such as piercings. It is now one of the most famous styles seen all through Japan and the Harajuku area.