Take a good look at yourself in the mirror. How does the light hit your face? Where do the shadows settle? Contouring is all about giving yourself the look of healthy illumination, so you need to be familiar with the contours of your own face to get the best result.

Darker powder gives high cheekbones more definition and can avert attention away from areas on the face, while light powder highlights and accentuates. It's as if your surrounded by all the perfect lighting all the time, just like a doll!


1. Apply highlighting powder down the middle of the nose, chin, and forehead with strong emphasis on the apples of the cheeks. Dab on along the bones of the cheeks and forehead as well.

2. Brush on shading powder down the sides of the noes and across the forehead.

3. Fill in the hollows on the sides of the forehead and cheeks, and brush down along the jawline.

4. with a large soft bristled brush, blend the powders using light swirling strokes, be sure not to press hard.

The "stripe" down the middle of the nose gives the illusion of elongations, but if you feel like that's the last thing you need, try dabbng the shading powder on the tip of your nose as well.

When selecting powders, make sure to choose ones that are light and high in pigment. Repeat: No heavy powders! No one wants their makeup to look caked on!