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Published on: 27 Aug 2010 by nana_0601

Do you have the keys to being a Model?

1. Find yourself, know who you are and find a look or style that's completely you. For example:
a dutch gyaru I know called Woxje she does a Lolita style mix and it's evident in some of her photographs (both modelling and just with friends) but then there's another girl whose blogspot I  follow who does more of a futuristic/mode look. Put simply, know your style and commmit well to it, there's loads not just scene (which it seems there are a few photographers who ever take them unless they're some alternative photographer and even then it's mainly gothic and cybergoth models) I've seen a few photos, but not so much of scene. They want something unique, so be you, and be unique. (:


PS: I'll update with a blog of all the styles I can think of and hopefully find photos for you all (:



2. I guess this should've been first I'm so backwards @[email protected] Make sure your skin is treated well, and looks good without makeup. The main thought process should be if i look good or cutesy or have a nice "fresh " face, then with makeup you'd just look stunning. There's a whole korean trend based on having a cute/nice "fresh" face, a bit superficial but yeah whatever floats their boat. So treat your skin well, you don't have to hide behind makeup to be pretty, buy products and find out ways to treat your skin so you don't need that makeup, until photoshoot day ;D.


PS: Any questions on the effects of certain oils, natural masks etc, I'll be willing to answer :D


3. Smarten yourself up >=O. One of the things they ask is if you know any other languages, your hobbies, your favourite books. In other words, you have to be more outside of just a pretty face. I can speak french, english, a bit of japanese, and minor spanish with a bit of classic latin. So that ended up making me look good. I took years of french class, and online japanese classes, started spanish via textbook, and classic latin for my biology courses. So you can see,  that sounds pretty badarse?yeah. So don't limit yourself, flaunt out your hobbies, and your smartness girls. It only makes you look WAYY better. You don't have to be good at everything,so it's fine if you don't know alot of languages or you're not good at mathematics, just focuson what you do best (: .


PS: Photographers like people with photographic interests as well. If you ask them, they'd be more than willing to help with your photographing skills and that will earn you a few good points with them so they'll be more than willing to work with you again.


4. Be learned, respectable, polite,etc. Modelling  is  a job, and the photographers are the people you want to please, not the other way around. The photographer when you get some shoots, isn't working for  you, so i'd suggest you just abide by their rules especially if your new, be kind, you won't know everything, so they'll help guide you and you can ask them questions, and they'll help and you'll gain a friend  (work wise ) in them,meaning dude, they'll totally give you some leway in terms of print, photos, costs etc.  So be nice, I read a thread with a new model girl demanding pay and photos, the photographers shot her down for being rude and not knowing things, liike you don't start getting paid until you're a professsional, and you're not a professional until you're backed by an agency and are getting paid. So basically don't be snobby, dictatorial, and demanding. They don't have to shoot you if they don't want to. You'll never make it with an attitude lol.



5. Have confidence in yourself, you're all beautiful, and you don't need to be a model to prove it. 95% or more of the beginning models don't go through with it or end up being shot down or never make it big. So what? not the end of the world, you should just continue with life and try again next time, it's not a 1 time only thing. You must be passionate, and you must know what you want in life. Believe in yourself, so that others can acknowledge and then believe in you as well. (:


To Long; Didn't Read Summary:

1. Find your unique style

2. Take care of your skin and face without makeup

3. Get Smart, learn new things, be more than just a pretty face

4. Understand the system, understand how everything works

5. Confidence in yourself, this will continue to grow as you realize you're truly beautiful


How the system works:


First of all, once you complete your profile (preferably online I had one on , but you can also make one in model mayhem) Upload a few pictures , your best looking ones, typically a face shot, 1. with and 1 without makeup, a body shot (please keep the clothes on no need to be slutty -.-;; PLEASE OH GOSH)  just like a school photo portrait size or lookbook style full body photo to show your style and body composition.  Then you can do a hair photo to showcase your hair in terms of length or thickness, or a certain artistic style. That should be enough to gather attention. Pretty much the last photo should emphasize something unique about you.


PS: during photoshoots make sure your nails (both hands and feet) are done well. I'd suggest a mani/pedi before.


Second, post a thread or find a thread labeled TFP or TFCDs (time for print or time for cd's) pretty much the photographers take your pictures and you get the photo's FOR FREE. No one is getting paid. This is so, the photographer's can get their photos out and you can build your professional portfolio. Usually they'll have nothing for you, no makeup artist, and you must provide your own clothes but it depends on the photographer. They'll tell you. So you have to know at least 2 different makeup styles. Why can't you start getting paid? Because you are a n00b , you're not even known yet. Until you gain some acknowledgement, you won't get paid, and the better the photos the more acknowledgement you shall receive. Put simply, before you're gonna get paid, you're actually gonna have to pay the more upper    leveled photographers to get an amazing portfolio together. Which can be up to 80USDs-100USDs per hour.


Third, once you have a respectable portfolio, or one you like very much send them via CD's or photos in a nice professional looking portfolio binder or website etc, to an agency. Make it look crisp and clean as well as professional. This will help you get  a one up with the agency and hopefully they'll call you in for an interview and you'll be hired:


PS: During interview, dress appropriately and professionally, even if you're young, you should keep current styles in mind when going and wear minimal or natural makeup. (:


To Long Didn't Read Summary:

1. Make portfolio, both online and in real life, upload regular pictures with certain criteria (some websites ask for specifics) make sure they're good quality


2. Ask for TFP/TFCDs to build your portfolio, NO  MONEY EXCHANGE


3. Send portfolio to agency, wait for interview call, if none, try another or get better photos, if yes, prepare to dress appropriately for interview, and good luck (:


For any other questions/comments you can leave them on my Becomegorgeous profile.

For blog request do the same

To view my personal blog visit :  If you have a tumblr, add me and I'll add you :D  I love talking to people XD


Hope I helped :S


Random :)

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