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Published on: 20 Mar 2012 by mimi_anetionete

boost your self confidence in one day! <3

So many people today, of all ages, suffer from one of the most destructive feelings of all time-- low self confidence. but before we can work on improving yourself, you first must understand what it means and how it affects you.


Low self confidence depletes you of energy, strength and a feel-good feeling. Your hormones are most likely on the haywire, preventing you from releasing feel-good pheromones in your body. You suffer from depression. Maybe someone made a rude comments towards you, and it stuck with you forever. No worries. I'll help you.



What is it about yourself that you don't like? Your weight? Your hair? Your style? Your smile? Narrow in on everything that makes you feel shitty, and write them down on paper. Choose four models that you adore, or are jealous of, print them out, and tape them to your mirror. Now, every morning you look at them, and turn your insecurities into inspiration. You want Jessica Alba's abs? Awesome. Form a routine, doesn't have to be long, maybe only fifteen minutes, and do some ab work outs. The picture will keep you motivated. 


If its something internal, then indulge your mind and read, or write. Write down what makes you happy, and what makes you upset. Write a plan to help alienate this problem. Let's say, you're mad in love  with your boyfriend, but his ex is way hotter then you (or so you think), and you both go to the same school or work together. Pick out what you hate about her, and what you love about yourself. Remind yourself that your boyfriend is with you because he wants to be with you. Dress up to make her jealous (believe me, she already is) it will help you feel better about yourself, and eventually you will forget about her.


Smile, bright. If you don't like your smile then, you are thinking stupid. The more you smile the more beautiful you are to other people. No one likes someone who is scowling or glaring constantly. This will also trick your mind into thinking you are happy, which is key. If you can't make it, fake it till you can.



Go on a shopping spree. Buy clothes that make you feel sexy. Don't got a lot of money? Buy some sewing kits, and hem your clothes to how you want them to look. It's like trying on a brand new shirt, works awesome for me! And you save, save, save.


Give yourself a facial. One raw egg, and a teaspoon of mayo, a drop of oil, mix & stir, and you got yourself your at home facial mask. Apply, leave on for twenty minutes, then moisturize. Your face will be baby soft, healthy and shining. 

If acne is the demon for you, wash your face twice a day, and buy yourself some plant-based soaps. These works wonders. If not, invest in the Pro-Active series. This works. I do not have acne but I use Pro-Active, and it works incredible wonders on my skin, toning it perfectly.


Give yourself a manicure, or a pedicure. Cut off your nails, buff them with olive oil and a shammy cloth, and file them nicely. Clip off hangnails or other unsightly marks. Leave them clean, or go to your local pharmacy and purchase fake nails. I love falsies, they save a hell of a lot of time then cleaning my nails every day, haha. The only downside makes them brittle, but as long as you clean them every night they will look amazing. If your hands are clean and nails are healthy, you in turn will feel better. Trust me.


Make-Overs. One night when you have nothing to do, collect all your make up, and sit down, and yes, RECORD yourself giving make over tutorials. This makes you feel like the teacher, teaching other people how to look like you. This will give you a confidence boost like you have never imagined. Do whatever style you want. You will also find your make up skills will improve. 

But you don't do make up? That's awesome, props to you sister. But what about your brows? Tame them if you must, or design them. Grab a tweezer and arch your brows.

How To: Take a pencil, and press it to your inner cornea, next to your nose, the pencil pointing upwards. Where it passes next to your eyebrow, is where the hair should stop. Pluck off the access that travels beyond the pencil.

Then, move it thirty degrees until it is diagonal, it should be just past your pupil. Where the pencil is resting on the hair is where the arch should be.

Give it a shot. But do NOT pluck the hair on top of your brows!!



Yes, this helps. If you eat too much junk food, drink too much soda, it is not healthy for you. The sugar rush is awesome yeah, but the crash is what hurts you in the long run. Start eating veggies, fruits and rice. Spicy food will boost your metabolism. To counteract the highten of your metabolism, eat lots of barley and a slab of red meat maybe twice a week. This will help boost your iron. Get fish in your diet, this is a good source of protein.


If you want, try taking vitamins C & D. Vitamin C will boost your immune functions, making you feel more energized. Vitamin D wil replenish your exhausted skin, rejuvenating your brain. Vitamin D is what the sun gives us, which is why most people are more happy in the sun.


Drink lot's of water, and do not overdrink coffee. One cup in the morning, and one cup in the middle of the afternoon is perfect.


Fall asleep at the same hour every night. You do not need 8 hours like they say.  As long as you are getting the same regular sleep a night, even if its only 5 hours, it will help your body get into a routine and you won't feel so tired and lackluster in the morning.



No matter how minor it is, like smiling at an old lady or holding the door open for a stranger, a good deed will in turn make you feel better. Be nice to everyone who crosses your path, even if you hate them. Remember, kindness is the new black, and being nice to someone you hate isn't being fake, it's being grown-up. Mature yourself. 



Challenge yourself. Join a sports team, or take up an interesting hobby. Assemble your cronies, and once a month go to a club or bar, get smashed, and rock star it until the sun comes up. Hilarious memories are something you can always fall back on when you feel worthless. 



Fail a test? Retake it. Fail your road test? Keep practising. Defeat is only momentary. Got shot down by the love of your life? Remember, in five years and he sees how hot you are, he will salivating after you, and you will just laugh 'cause dumb boy missed out. Get back on your feet and try again.



This means, that it is not the destination you are trying to reach that makes you who you are. Its the journey. Enjoy the small things in life, absorb as much knowledge as you can. Learn a new language, and set a date for when you will be able to hold an entire conversation with someone of that language. 



1. The new hairstyle that will totally amp up your look.

2. The sexy playlist that you will bust out when you wanna get ridiculously romantic.

3. The toast you will give at your best friend's wedding.

4. A trip to the ultimate dream vacay spot.

5. How you're going to redecorate, or design your new apartment one day.

6. That totally awesome birthday present you're going to dazzle your boyfriend with.

7. The first thing you will do after completeing a marathon.

8. The shopping spree to end all shopping sprees!!!

9. The scenic drive you plan on taking when you go visit your family, rather then the highway.

10. The meal you will serve next to your dinner guests, and exactly how you will set the table.

11. What you're going to say when you meet your fave celeb of all time.

12. Your Long Weekend get-away

13. How you will spend that mill when you finally win the lottery

15. The theme of your next big milestone birthday blow out!



Own whatever room you walk into. Get into the middle of conversations, laugh, and strut your stuff. Learn the man-melting walk~ 

Walk with your back totally straight, and let your arms swing loosely at your sides. Strut, moving your hips in time with your feet. It's the tame version of the Victoria Secret runway walk. Look straight ahead with your chin up. You will look, and feel, like the hottest thing around, and trust me, you are. :)



look at beautiful pictures, read inspiring quotes. Tape them to your wall, your mirrors, write them in your books. Seeing these daily will remind you of what you are striving for, whatever that may be. 



No matter what race, age or religion you are, you are unique. Make your own signature style, however small it may be. Flaunt yourself. And be bold. Wear heels to school. Try crazy, out-of-the-box hair and make up. 

Love yourself.

Good luck xoxo

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