These are things to look our for, not always accurte with every girl obv..

and this isn't how she fllirts, its somethings she might do when flirting :)

Giggling - girls will giggle alot if she is flirting or if she likes you, we can't help it.. we just giggle :)

Touch - She might just quicky touch your arm our yur leg, maybe when you make a joke she'll laugh abit, and gently push your arm and make a comment

How she acts - If shes shy she'll be quieter, if shes confident she'll try be around you more and talk more

Talking - if you are within ear shot of her conversation she might stop talking.

straring - if she stares at you when you aren't looking at her ( but you see out of the corners of your eyes ) she likes you

More touch - if she lets you touch her ( this is a bit of a weird one though cause i let guys hug me and i dont like all of them ) then she is interested

Style - if you said that green or blue was your favourite colour around her ( not just with colours ) and/or compliment her top or hair, she could suddenly wear alot of ( what ever you said was your favourite ) green or blue and she could always wear that top or hairstyle around you

Smiling - If she is just walking by one day and she sees you and smiles ( smile back at her ) then she is into you ( htis makes me smile because - and i am rambling right now - when i went to school to do a carol service i was early and the guy i like was in the band and when i cam in, he was setting up the music stands and i saw through the windows so when i walked past i thought... SMILE! and i did..and he smiled back :] )

Feet - if they are pointed towards you then she probably likes you ( don't know why though? )

Mirroring - this is a subconcious thing, if you scratch your head - she'll fidget her hair ... move your book from your lap to the table, she'll move her book in some way ( this applies to guys aswell )

Punching - if she punches or pushes or hits you and you pretend it to hurt and she giggles, then she is teasing/flirting with you but if she doesn't giggle... she meant it to hurt... ( THIS MADE ME LAUGH SO MUCH )