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Grace Najjar




22 Feb 1988
United Arab Emirates

Grace Najjar is a passionate lifestyle blogger and writer. Apart from writing about health and fitness, I love learning about history, crossword puzzles and much more.

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Published on: 17 Nov 2018 by gracenajjar

There are Plenty of Ways to Pleasure Yourself

Masturbation is thought of as something done in a closet. It is time to realize that it is a great way to enjoy your body if you learn how to do it well.

Despite what many say, everybody does it. They may not admit to it, but they have pleasured themselves at one time or another during their life. The thing that everyone does is masturbate. The problem that people have is they don’t want to admit that they enjoy it. Instead, they try to get it over with as quickly as possible and they do not get everything out of it that they should. It is time to learn how to get creative when masturbating. The feeling that masturbation provides is something worth savoring often.

Masturbation is soothing learned at a young age A little girl knows that when she rubs down there it feels good. She may not know why it feels so good, but she knows she wants to repeat it. The problem is that many women do not take the time to learn any more than what they did as a little girl. They masturbate the same way and it becomes more of a chore than something they want to do often. That does not mean they stop masturbating, it only means they do not get all they can from it. If they learn to become more creative, they will start to have experiences they want to repeat as much as they can.

How to Get Creative

It is not enough to say that getting creative will lead to more pleasure than the body can handle. A person has to know what getting creative means when it comes to pleasuring themselves. Everyone can do it a little differently, but there are some great ways to get creative that are worth trying.

Not Always a Solo Experience – Many may think that masturbation is something they do for themselves and that there is no one else involved. They are missing a great way to add to the excitement. Adding a friend of the same sex or other sex can increase the pleasure in many ways. It is arousing to watch someone else pleasuring themselves. It is exciting to do something naughty in front of another person. It is also a chance to learn a new technique. The hardest part of not masturbating alone is getting a great partner that wants to have some fun. The best way to do that is to talk about it with someone before diving in.

Take Your Time – There are plenty of women that think the whole point of masturbating is to reach an orgasm. They do not want to waste any time. They may or may not bother to take off any clothes. They worry more about fitting their orgasm into their schedule than enjoying the experience. There are a time and a place for the quickie. There is also nothing wrong with it. Nut there is also more.

Instead of rushing right into it, take some time to set yourself up. Don’t strip all your clothes off at one time. Take them off slowly and lovingly. Let yourself get aroused first. That arousal is only the beginning of the orgasm. It is also the best part and is not something to rush through. After you do orgasm, enjoy the feeling. Take your time to slowly come down from the heights of ecstasy. This is something worth repeating when done right.

Consider Porn – Men and women both love porn. They just don’t want to admit it. Porn is a great way to get aroused. It can get you in the mood. It can provide you with a plan of what you should do. Some enjoy copying whatever they see going on during a sexy movie. The key to using porn is to find a type of porn that interests you. For some hard-core porn is the best, others prefer something subtler. Experiment with different types of media for porn and different types of porn. Never say you don’t like a type of porn until you try it.

With Your Hands – The are plenty of different tools for masturbating. Hands are the most common ones and are often the most convenient. Even with the hands, there are plenty of different things to do. You can rub the outside of the vagina or you can plunge a few fingers inside. It is also fun to use both hands at the same time.

It is also fun to use your hands in combination with something else. The hands can hold onto the shower nozzle as you feel the warm water running across the clit. The hands can hold on to a vibrator or some other type of toy. The best sex depends on the skill of the hands involved.

Fantasize – Express Yourself – Masturbation is the time to think of the things that excite you. It is normal and fun to fantasize while masturbating. Like porn, fantasy can lead to arousal and more excitement. It allows you to imagine doing things with your body that you love or that you wish you could find out more about. Fantasies can involve famous people, romantic places or sexual acts.

There is also another way to add fantasy to your masturbating. The use of live free sex chat is something many people never think of trying. They think it is a rip-off or they don’t know what to do. The great thing about it is that there are very few rules. Video sex chatting is a great way to express yourself without the fear of other people finding out. It is a time to talk about your fantasies and then to act on them.

Explore Your Body – When having sex with another person, much of the enjoyment comes from when they explore the different parts of your body. The time spent rubbing and caressing the arms, legs, and breast is something every woman loves. It is not something to forget about while masturbating. Take the time to caress all the parts of your body. Even while you are pleasuring your vagina, don’t stop caressing your breasts. It is something that adds to the excitement level in a big way. After you orgasm, continue caressing your body. It could lead to more excitement.

Assume the position – Many women get bored masturbating. One reason is that they do it the same way in the same place every time. That is a mistake. Change the place you masturbate. Do it away from the bedroom and even outside of the home. Consider pleasuring yourself in public. You don’t have to go all the way to the point of orgasm, but you can have a lot of fun trying to hide from others.

There are also plenty of positions to try. Doggie, standing up, on your stomach, on your side, sitting down, the list goes on and on. Keep experimenting with different positions to make each time special. Consider adding the toys to the different positions to add to the pleasure.

Practice makes perfect – In life, the more often you do something, the better you get at it. This is true of masturbating. Each experience is a chance to learn more about your body. There is no such thing as doing it too much. As long as you enjoy it, don’t stop. One advantage women have over men is the chance to experience multiple orgasms. Try it out some time. It could lead to a new twist in your masturbation experience.

One of the things that separate humans from other animals are that we are sexual beings. Humans engage in sex for more than just reproduction. We do it because we love the way it makes us feel. Pleasuring yourself is a great way to treat yourself to something you deserve as a human. It is not something to be ashamed about and it is not going to give you warts. If you learn to do it right, it will only give you something to remember and something to do again and again.

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