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?"Žena nikada ne može biti previše bogata, previše mršava i imati previše cipela" - Coco Chanel

07 Oct 1984

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Published on: 29 Nov 2011 by cipelicka


Anal pads are placed beneath the mucous membrane below thefinal part of the colon (anal canal). It consists of blood vessels,smooth muscle and elastic tissue. These are formed during embryonic development and each of them has a child prior to birth.

Inside the pad is a complex tangle of arteries and veins used themuscle and elastic thread associated with the wall of the anal canal (anal cushions or support). Blood vessels is much morethan is necessary for human tissue, which means that the bloodthat has another function. This is a function of load and increasehemoroidalnih pads. The blood does not pass through thecapillaries into the tissue for human consumption but directlyfrom arteries to veins. Veins are specifically built with clusters of accessions. Before it was believed that such a cluster-expansionis responsible for the occurrence of hemorrhoids arehemorrhoids and varicose veins wrongly proclaimed. Thismisconception dates back to Hippocrates, and survived until the present day and can still be found in many books and on manywebsites. But today we know that such extensions of the normalanal cushions and that fills with blood and thus increase thevolume of the pads and help close the anal opening. During thelife of these pads are starting to descend towards the exit of analcanal, thus resulting piles. Unfortunately for some people to lowerbegins in adolescence and those problems with hemorrhoids, but they feel in their twenties.
Mucosa above the dentate line has no nerve endings sobecause of internal hemorrhoids do not hurt. It is thereforepossible ligation of the internal hemorida without anesthesia(sedation of patients). Mucosa below the dentate line graduallymoves into the skin around the anus, and both areas are full of nerve endings and extremely sensitive to pain.


Both men and women are equally prone to hemorrhoids, which indicates that the muscular and elastic threads equally strong inboth sexes. 


Although hemoroidni gene has not yet been discovered, we know that hemorrhoids are more common in some families. No, I do not know if this is due hemoroidnog gene or a similar diet andlifestyle that are conducive to the development of hemorrhoids.

Irish physician and researcher Denis Parsons Burkitt discoveredthat hemorrhoids are very rare in rural areas in Africa, in contrast to the urban areas of African and developed countries, which are very common. The reason is found in the diet, because in ruralAfrica, people eat more plant foods rich in fiber and have heavychair and not tense up when emptying one's bowels.

It is estimated that over 40% of pregnant women have symptomsof hemorrhoids, and the reasons are manifold.
The piles are discovered estrogen receptors as denselydistributed as in the breast tissue. Estrogens conditionalelasticity of tissues and it is believed that this also contributes toproblems because it can rapidly damage the supporting threads that hold piles along the wall of the colon crijeva.Tijekompregnancy in women - as a result of taking iron, and elevatedlevels of estrogen and progesterone - are often reportedconstipation (constipation) . Also, the increase in pressure in theveins of the pelvis due to the pressure of the child and the increase in blood volume to 40% meant that the symptomatichemorrhoids have become almost an integral part of pregnancy.
The incidence of hemorrhoids increases with the number of years, it is likely that there is a loosening of support muscles andelastic thread.
Hard stool and diarrhea
Straining during constipation will cause cracking of retaining orholding the hemoroidalne cushions in the anal canal if we let this situation lasts for a long time. Straining during an emergencybecause of constipation is considered one of the most importantfactors of occurrence of hemorrhoids.
Diarrhea resembling the supporting or hemoroidalnih pads, andcauses irritation and skin around the anus, which causes severe itching and burning.

Internal hemorrhoids
Do not cause pain because the lining of the anus, where theyoccur insensitive (no nerve endings).
• Stage I
Small start-piles, which do not fall out
(Prolabiraju) from the anal canal
Problems: occasional bleeding after stool, itching
• Stage II
In napinajanju after dropping piles of chairs from the anus, butspontaneously returned in
Problems: occasional bleeding after stool, itching and burning, a feeling of fullness in the anus, patients can sometimes feel anodule on the anus to withdraw
• Stage III
They are always out there, but you can with your fingers back intothe anal canal
Problems: as a stage two; external hemorrhoids occur in the form of skin appendages, noticed the brown or bloody isjedak inunderwear
• Stage IV
Permanent Prolapsed hemorrhoids can not be a finger back intothe anal canal
Problems: constant discomfort and pain, frequent bleedingunrelated to the chair, spreading the underwear is brown orbloody isjcetka, usually accompanied by a large external hemorrhoids.
External hemorrhoids
They can occur in two forms.
Acute tromozirani piles - one to condition called acutehemoroidalna crisis.
Creates a clot in the veins hemoroidalnim size from severalmillimeters up to two to three centimeters. Accommodation is spread over a very delicate skin around the anus causingextreme pain, which further reinforces the additional swelling ofsurrounding tissue. The toilet becomes a heroic feat. Patientsusually feel a bump that has formed around the anus.
Causes of creation: heavy lifting (spring work and housekeepinghelp for real patients), straining during a hard chair, a habit of creating libraries in the bathroom and often read on the toilet,labor and delivery. Tromboziranim hemorrhoids are prone to all who have been sedentary for a job (police officers, drivers, pilots, IT) and is rapidly activated by heavy physical work.
Another form of external hemorrhoids are the skin folds(pendants) around the anus that remain after the acutetromboziranih hemorrhoids that really stretch the skin around the anus. Women often report that they have such external hemoridiincurred during pregnancy and childbirth. They are not painful butcause difficulties in the anal hygiene, and if patients reallybothered require surgical treatment.


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