10. When someone says that you said something and you know that you didn't say...but yet they insist that you said otherwise..?_?

9. When you are telling the truth but no one believes you.

8. When you turn on the radio and you only hear 2 seconds of a really good song// When your favorite song comes on in the car and you pull up in you're driveway.

7. When you just get your hair JUST right and hello...the wind rapes it! D:

6. When I'm tearing out a piece of notebook paper and it rips. ):

5. When I eat all my candy before the movie even starts at the Chinema.

4. When people critize MY songs on MY ipod.

3. When I'm talking and texting and I text what I speak.

2. When I drop something under the table, go to get it and then come back up to only bash my head. ):


1. When people puts back the empty box of whatever back into the cabnets/ refridge..It just gets my hopes up when I go to take it out..)":