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Published on: 14 Nov 2017 by bojan

How to make the most of your weight loss journey

the weight loss rhetoric we are partially swayed into believing that it should
be radical, sudden, changing our lifestyles from scratch. And the truth of the
matter is that it should be approached in an entirely opposite manner.

There are changes
to be made, and some harder than other, that is granted, but taking a gradual
lifestyle change, knowing how to approach weight loss in terms of the big
picture is always the healthiest, fastest, and after all the least frustrating

There are some
myths to be disregarded if we are to make the most of our weight loss journey.

Eating schedule

If you ask
the average person trying to lose some weight what is the fastest way to do so,
you will be amazed by the lack of knowledge. It’s still a vast spread belief
that not eating makes you lose weight faster. And I cannot stress this enough
as being ridiculous.

When you
decide to skip a meal or limit your intake to ridiculous amounts, what your
body does in turn is shutting all mechanisms through which you can lose fat.
The metabolism is being dormant, all other processes as hormone production put
on hold. This only limits your body and its potential when it comes to burning
calories and eventually fat tissue.

mathematics is simple. Since the earliest days of human evolution the body is
designed to act like this. Our ancestors being mostly hunters way back used to
experience days of hunger. After hunting down some food and overstuffing, the
following days were without any food, or very little to that matter. What the
body learned itself to do, was shutting all mechanisms through which calories
can be burned so it will consume energy.

The thing is
that even after so much time our body still uses this mechanism. Why do you
think the metabolism is lowest in mornings? Because the body sensed a lack of
food intake during the night, thus slowing the metabolism on purpose. Therefore
the breakfast is the most important meal in the day if you are to witness some
weight loss. Also go for five to six meals a day instead of the usual three. Of
course two being just snacks. You get the picture.

What to eat

Most of the
people involved in some weight loss program avoid the word fat as the devil
itself. And this is another thing that I consider to be downright stupid.

Our body
mechanisms require a certain amount of fats as to function properly. The
endocrine system too needs it in order to ensure balanced hormonal levels. The
testosterone in fact, being responsible for muscle grow amongst other things,
needs fats more than anything else.

But here is
the thing. Not all fats are created equal. Some are just plain dangerous and
counterproductive for your weight loss journey. But there are those that your
body actually needs in order to be a better fat burning machine.

You should
eat Monounsaturated fats, since amongst other things they help the body in the
fight for losing the fat tissue. You feel more full of energy, hunger is
reduced, hormones are in balance thus making your other aspects of the game of
weight loss more efficient (such is lean muscle gain), and you are of course in
better mood.

fats are contained within healthy oils as well as all kinds of nuts and

Other fats
you should also include into your diet are omega fats. Omega fats 3,6 and 9
usually found in fish and see food are great for helping you achieve your goal
in your weight loss process.

Exercises to do

Most people
trying to lose weight focus on all the wrong types of exercises. Strength
training is great, but if done in excess it only limits your potential for
weight loss and amongst other things makes your hormonal levels to shake out of

The best
exercises that ensure your weight loss potential is reached are compound
exercises combined with cardio and some resistance training.

exercises are, just as the label suggests, exercises that target more muscle
groups at once. Usually they can be done best outside of the gym, using your
own body weight to supply the resistance. Things like pushups, squats, sit-ups,
and many others that vary in name definition. Actually anything that makes more
muscle groups flex at once.

The benefits
of these exercises are numerous, since you get increased testosterone levels by
targeting larger muscle groups, you get a nice cardio workout when compared to
doing isolated muscle exercises as is the biceps curl, and your respiratory
system is also having a workout on his own by struggling to supply the oxygen
needed as to perform these exercises- All in all a great way to burn calories.
The limits in muscle growth are apparent here since you never stress any
particular muscle to the point of failure.

Though you
can achieve this by also adding some resistance training. But I would advise
the ratio to be 3:1 in favor of exercises of more compound nature. Cardio is
also a great addition to your overall strategy, and what is considered a great
way for you to achieve both cardio and compound exercises as well as some
strength training is doing variety of sports or making one fitness routine that
comprise these elements.

As for
sports, you can try swimming since it provides a great cardio workout and
resistance training from the water, but you can also consider running as due to
the high intensity cardio.

Sports with
ball are also great since they have elements such is acceleration and sudden
burst of power and speed. As for fitness routines, there not that many on the
market except few. The best one is considered to be the Insanity workout which
made a huge buzz in the fitness and weight loss world. I’ve wrote about my
experience with Beachbody On Demand in what is probably the biggest Beachbody On Demand review on
the net

Rest and take it easy

your body to rest and replenish its energy is crucial when you are trying to
lose weight by exercising. Remember, sudden changes in your lifestyle will
result in you quickly abandoning your weight loss plan. Keep things changing
gradually, as well as rest and replenish your energy. Another thing to realize
is that your journey with losing weight is probably going to take some time-
making it more pleasant will ensure that you stick with it.

weight and living healthy is a way of life. Sudden changes and unreasonable
practices will only make it frustrating as well as short lived and not
producing results. On the other hand, following these four simple guidelines
will make you reach your goal faster, without being too harsh on yourself, as
well as enjoying the whole ride.

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