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16 Mar 1989
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Hi, I´m Lucille Bently. By Become Gorgeous Blog share my experiences, tips and tricks to make you look gorgeous.

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Published on: 29 Sep 2016 by bently

Professional Hair Styling Products Advice

All women have complained about a bad hair day at one point in their life. Bad hair days can be before you have had a chance to style your hair, or it can be a day when you are having trouble getting your hair to cooperate. Most often, it is because you do not know what tools are best to use, or how to use the tool properly.

Determine the Type of Hair You Have

The first step in styling your hair is knowing what type of hair you have. In addition to having short, medium, or long hair, hair will vary in thickness and waviness. Some of the different types of hair include:

• Fine, straight hair

• Fine, Curly hair

• Thick, Curly hair

• Coarse, Straight Hair

• Coarse, Curly Hair

Knowing the type of hair you have will help you know what products you will need to purchase and have on hand.

Know What Type of Hair Styling Tools

The next step in styling your hair is knowing what tools are available to choose from. You no longer have to go to the salon to have your hair styled. You can find styling tools in department stores, drug stores, and online.


Hairbrushes, like your hair, come in different shapes and pin types. This is so they can work for different purposes. You will find flat brushes and barrels, and each type can be found in different materials. Having the proper brush is necessary when creating any hairstyle.

Flat Brush

The flat brush, or paddle brush is ideal when you are wanting to straighten your hair. The bristles are often made out of nylon and they cover a large flat space. Thicker bristled brushes will help you pull moisture from your hair after showering and before drying.

Round Brush

If you have flat hair and want volume, you will want a round brush. You will want to brush chunks of hair by hooking the brush and rolling it as you go from top to bottom. This is also the brush to use while performing a blowout with your blow dryer.

Teasing Brush

The teasing brush is a very slender brush with rigid nylon bristles. The entire goal for this brush is to tease your hair to add long-lasting volume. This brush is not good for fine hair, because it can cause your strands to break.

Barrel Types

Whether you purchase a round brush or a flat brush, there are different materials, which serve different purposes.

• Ceramic – The most popular material for barrel brushes is ceramic. You will notice that it is gentle on the hair and will heat as you blow-dry your hair, shortening the drying time.

• Tourmaline – If you battle flyaway hair, purchasing a barrel brush that has a core made from tourmaline will help tame your hair. Tourmaline brushes are commonly referred to as ion brushes. This is due to the crushed gemstones releasing negative ions and smoothing the hair.

• Titanium – Titanium brushes are covered with a ceramic exterior but they are more lightweight than the typical ceramic brush. If you have long hair, then these brushes will help reduce hand fatigue.

• Vented – Vented brushes have slots for the air to blow through. They can be found in both flat and round brush styles. These help detangle the hair and offer a consistent blowout look.

Bristle Type

There are several types of bristles on the brush, and then you can also purchase brushes that have a blend of bristle types. You want a bristle type that will promote your hair to grow healthy. Just because one type of bristle brush works well for you at one age, it does not mean that it will forever be the best choice for your hair. Your hair will change with age, including the texture and color.

• Boar – Boar bristles are one of the common types of bristles found at specialty salons and they will feel extremely stiff. When you are shopping for a brush that uses this type of bristle, you want to make sure they are tightly packed and have some flexibility. The boar hair will distribute oil in an even manner as you are brushing your hair. These brushes will be higher price because they are natural fibers and are not synthetic. They are worth the investment for people who have coarse hair and want a smooth, frizz-free appearance.

• Nylon – For people who have fine hair, then you will want a hairbrush that has bristles further apart. Nylon brushes are cheaper than boar and they will keep a tight grip on the hair. This means people who have fine hair will be assured that the strands will be smoothed out, without increasing static or fly away strands.

• Plastic – Plastic bristles are the brushes you will find everywhere. They are generic and multi-purpose. Because the bristles are made from plastic, they will be strong and long lasting. They also can handle thick hair and work out tangles with ease. Many plastic bristle brushes will have pins at the tips to massage the oil from your scalp as you brush.

Hair Styling Tools

In addition to the numerous types of brushes available, hair styling tools can be found in hot and cold products. Some of them require electricity and others do not. Here are a few types of hair styling tools that you need to familiarize yourself with.

• Flat Irons or Hair Straightener • Hair Dryers• Curling Irons• Curling Wands• Hot Rollers• Combs• Crimpers• Shears, Clippers, Razors• Styling Products (Mousse, Gel, Serums, Conditioners, etc.)• Hair bands, barrettes, and ties

Putting it All Together

Once you know your hair type and the hair styling products that are available, you are ready to put it all together. While this is definitely not all the hairstyles found, these are the majority.

Fine, Straight Hair

If you want to keep your hair straight, then use a round brush while blow-drying. Using a brush with boar bristles will be gentler on the strands, while the round shape will offer volume. Once the hair is beginning to dry (or if it is dry already), spray the brush with a static protectant to prevent flyaway strands.

If you want to add some curl into your hair, then you will want to start with some hot rollers, preferably covered velvet to prevent static.

Regardless of whether you want straight or wavy hair, you will need to have a good volumizing shampoo and conditioner, as well as a thickening spray. Owning a teasing comb will also be beneficial.

Fine, Curly Hair

Unfortunately, those with curly hair will naturally have more difficulty with frizz. Do not use your blow dryer without a diffuser attachment. Otherwise, air-drying your hair is the best way to prevent frizz from going out of control. In addition, make sure you use a shampoo and conditioner that is formulated for dryer hair.

To add lift to your hair, use duckbill clips, a round brush with boar bristles, and volumizing mousse. It may be tempting to add an anti-frizzing serum to your hair, but it will cause your curls to lose shape due to the added weight. Leave-in conditioners will help keep your hair moistened without having to add weight to your hair.

Thick, Curly Hair

For thick, curly hair, you can help reduce the amount of frizz by keeping the hair moisturized. Make sure you purchase conditioners that are rich and never completely dry your hair. Use a diffuser attachment on hair dryers and only pat your hair with a towel, do not rub it.

Once your hair is dry, consider using a round brush and a curling cream. If you want to perk the curls, you can use a comb or a pick instead of a brush. The amount you will work with your hair will depend on the length of hair you have.

Thick, Straight Hair

Thick, coarse hair works best with flat brushes. If you use a round brush, you will add more volume. However, you can counteract this by using a flat iron to smooth out your hair. Your flat iron should be ceramic and keep with the lower heat to prevent excess drying of the hair.

Some other products you will need to have in your bathroom in addition to the moisturizing shampoo and conditioner are creams and a silicone shine spray. These will provide protection when you are using your styling products. You can add curl to your hair with rollers or curling wands.

Coarse, Relaxed Hair

If your hair has been treated, then you will want to make sure you treat it with care. The strands of your hair will naturally be weaker, and will break when heat is applied. Use protein-based shampoos and light leave-in conditioners to help protect the weak areas, without weighing the hair down.

When you are styling your hair, always use a protectant spray before using the curling iron, wand, or rollers. The spray will also add shine to your hair.

On the days, you are not washing your hair, use a shower cap to prevent your hair from getting wet. You will also want to make sure you sleep with your head covered to prevent the strands from breaking at night.

Coarse, Curly Hair

People who have coarse, curly hair will want to make sure they own a quality flat brush. The brush will prevent your hair from frizzing during the drying process. In addition, make sure a flat iron is in your hair styling tools container. On the days you do not want to accentuate the curls, you will need the flat iron to create a natural shine to the hair, without the fly away strands.

The hair styling products you will need include hair spray (to control the curls and prevent frizz), leave-in conditioner (curl activator preferred), setting lotion or anti-frizz serum, and extra moisturizing shampoo. In addition to a flat iron, a high-quality hair dryer is a hair styling tool that needs to come with attachments. You will want the diffuser attachment if you are looking for the curls, but you will want an angled attachment for a directional look to your hair.


Once you know what type of hair you have, you will need to do your research on the best types of hair styling tools available. There are dozens of types of brushes, and they are all specific to the type of style you are looking for. You do not want only to purchase a multi-purpose brush unless you do not want to add style to your hair. The tools you use (from brushes and combs to styling products) will determine the health of your hair.

Quality often costs more, but expensive styling tools are not always the best choice. Make sure you do your research before purchasing curling irons, flat irons, hair dryers, curling wands, rollers, or brushes and combs. You want to consider the size and material, and then let the extra features guide you to your perfect product.

Finally, the best way to learn about your hair is to visit a quality salon. Ask questions so that you can style your hair at home and care for it. When you visit your doctor or dentist, you want to know more about yourself and the health of your body. The same should go for your hair. Ask them what type of hair they believe you have, as well as what type of products they would recommend using. You do not necessarily have to purchase your products at the salon, but asking the type versus brands will give you the starting point in making sure you are not fighting with your hair every morning.


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