not really

infact usually your body will overcompensate and it'll lower it's matabolisum if you do it too often to conserve energy. and you could actually start gaining weight.

the best thing to do to loose weight is to learn what to eat and how much to eat.

eating salads for lunch with some grilled chicke is a great filler and it takes more energy to eat than it gives you; don't over do it on the dressing stick to a vinagrett or ceasar. or light ranch

always eat breakfast to start your body off early working in the morning. a bowl of cereal, beagle and cream cheese, or atleast a cup of juice or milk

have a light snack for brunch eating 4 meals a day that are small can actually help keep your body working. eat something like a yogert or granola bar

drink plenty of water, gatoraid, even cool aid can help re hydrate your body and keep you feeling full until your stomach inside has time to shrink.

as of dinner. try not to eat 3 hrs before you go to bed. your body works slower at night and the food will stay in your stomach and go toward other things besides energy most often. eat a good balanced dinner with veggies meats and starches.

when choosing veggies mix it up don't just eat from one color group

when choosing meats grilled or baked is best also fish or chicken has the lowest amount of calories but high in protein

starches is like a pasta or bread