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Lauren Willcox

Published on: 02 Sep 2012 by babiedoll

Liar, Liar, Pants on Fire!!


I apologise in advance to those who still believe in Santa Clause, The Easter Bunny, The Tooth fairy and other such things. If you do still believe its best if you don’t read this article. If you choose to, I hold no responsibility for the actions the may occur afterwards.


Raise your hand if you’ve told a lie. Yes, even you in the back sir. To those who didn’t raise their hand, you’re definitely lying now! Whether it be a big one or a tiny white lie, we’ve all told them (yes, even that sweet little old lady who lives next door).

I know I’ve told a few, okay lots. There’s no excuse for lying, except for some else’s benefit. Like this example of a conversation between me and my friend:

Me: So, are you and Sarah still fighting

Courtney: Yeh, hey has she said anything about me lately?

Me: Umm, no, no she hasn’t. (Sarah had in fact been bitching to me 10mins earlier)

Courtney: Ok that’s good, but you’d tell me if she had right?

Me: You know I would. (I’m sick of them fighting so I wouldn’t tell her)

I also had to tell my little brother a small lie the other day. We were watching T.V and an ad for Mrs Browns Boys came on.
This is what the ad was like:
Mrs Brown was sitting at the table playing with a condom and some people walked in. She then had to try and take the condom off her hand behind her back.

Zack then asked me what was on her hand; He’s 9 so I said that it was a rubber glove. He believed me.

So you see, lies are a part of everyday life.

But..... Have you ever thought that our whole childhood is based around a web of inter-woven lies? Take Santa Clause for example, he brings presents to the good children and coal to the bad.
I worked out at the age of 10 that Santa isn’t real (much to my disappointment); this was because my parents had made the mistake of wrapping our presents from Santa in the same wrapping paper as the one they had used to wrap the presents from them.

I cried for a week after Christmas because of the fact that whole time since I was born, mum and dad had told me that there was a magical man in a sleigh that brought us presents.

Then there’s the Tooth fairy, I worked this one out because I caught mum slipping money under my pillow, fishy hey? I asked her about it and she said that it was my pocket money.... there we go again, another lie.

Well because I’m a chocoholic, I still sort of believed in the Easter Bunny until last year. That year, Mum and I went camping with some friends and Dad and Zack went fishing. Before leaving Mum asked me if I still believed in the Easter Bunny. I said ‘sort of’ and Mum went inside and came back with a box of chocolates and a box of Oreos. She hands them to me and says ‘Okay, we’ll tell your brother that ‘Easter Bunny’ brought you your chocolate.’

My brother still believes in all that stuff, and so do I for his benefit.

Our childhoods are the best times of our lives; we’re carefree and are allowed to get messy. But looking back, I realise that my childhood was filled with lies, lies that I believed. From Santa, to the Easter Bunny, these are the ones that my parents told. Me ‘not’ breaking the coffee table, to me ‘not’ blowing up the T.V., these are the ones I told.

Social Networking and Television are full of lies as well. Things are portrayed in a warped and distorted way on T.V. That McDonalds that looks sooooooo good on T.V, well I hate to break it to you, but they spend hours filming that one ad and making that one burger so it’s juuuust right. I’m pretty sure no burger I’ve bought from a Maccas has looked that good. Its commercialism, false advertising, you see something good and you want to buy it.

Facebook, MySpace, they’re all the same. I’m not trying to preach the usual ‘no personal details etc. Etc’ mantra, but social networks lie. Who’s to say that that cute guy I’m talking to isn’t actually a paedophile? You can lie much easier on the web that you can you can to someone’s face.

So if our lives are so filled with lies, who can we really trust?

 My answer, is no one.

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