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Published on: 14 Feb 2018 by annabank

5 Easy Anti-Aging Facial Exercises For Younger Looking Skin

You probably work out, and you’ve probably done yoga at some point, but you’ve probably never heard of facial yoga. Facial exercises, or facial yoga, is not something new to the skincare scene. But it’s been a well-kept secret for good reason.

Imagine if I told you that doing exercises like smiling can reduce wrinkles and keep your skin looking younger. You’d probably scoff at me and say “Yeah, right.” Sounds too good to be true, right? If it was that easy, woman everywhere would walk around with smiles permanently plastered across their faces, and the botox industry would be out of business.

Well… it’s a little bit more work than just smiling, but it’s still pretty simple. In a 2013 clinical study conducted by Northwestern University, researchers found that middle-aged women who did daily facial exercises for 5 months looked an average of three years younger — and had firmer skin and fuller cheeks.

 What Are Anti Aging Face Exercises?

Facial yoga, anti-aging face exercises and best anti wrinkle cream like Stemuderm, that target muscle groups throughout your face and neck. Just like how you workout to tone your body, you can also tone your face with easy exercises and use of Anti-wrinkle treatment to maintain a youthful complexion.

 How Do Anti Aging Facial Exercises Work?

These anti-aging exercises for the face concentrate on working the three layers of your skin, the hypodermis, the dermis, and the epidermis, to increase blood circulation. Increased circulation allows more oxygen and crucial nourishment to reach your skin cells. By toning all three layers of your skin, it lifts sagging skin to reduce wrinkles. And as an added bonus, these exercises also stimulate collagen and elastin production to give you a smoother, tighter, firmer, and younger looking glow.

 Anti Aging Facial Exercises:

1. The Million-Dollar Smile:

Perfect For: Smile lines and sagging cheeks

An Alternative To: Lower facelift or fillers

Step 1: Make an ‘O’ shape with your mouth - you’ll look kind of like a smiling Buddha. Make sure to cover your teeth with your lips.

Step 2: Smile widely while maintaining the ‘O’ shape, and repeat ten times.

Step 3: Continue to hold the smiling ‘O’ shape, and place one index finger on your chin. Move your jaw up and down as your head tilts back slowly. Repeat three more times.

 This exercise engages the orbicularis oris muscle, more commonly known as the kissing muscle, as well as surrounding facial muscles.

2. The Surprise Celebration:

Perfect For: Frown lines and forehead wrinkles

An Alternative To: Forehead lifts and muscle injections

 Step 1: Raise your eyebrows as if you were surprised. Raise them as high as you can.

Step 2: Open your mouth and stretch it as wide as you can.

Step 3: Widen your eyes more if possible. Repeat 10 times.

 This exercise engages the glabellar muscles in your forehead to smoothen wrinkles. And as an added bonus, you’ll be picture ready the next time you’re surprised.

 3. The Cheeky Brow Waggle:

Perfect For: Horizontal forehead lines and wrinkles

An Alternative To: Botox and forehead lifts

 Step 1: Place both hands on your forehead at roughly one inch apart. Spread your fingers out in the space between the top of your eyebrows and your hairline.

Step 2: Move your fingers outwards across your forehead gently, applying light pressure. As you do this, raise your eyebrows upwards as high as you can and hold it.

Step 3: Repeat this exercise 8 times.

 This exercise will engage and tighten the frontalis muscles underneath your forehead to give you a firmer forehead. And of course, you get some time to practice your best sassy brow waggle.

 4. The Crane:

Good For: Wrinkle lines and loose skin on the neck

Alternative To: Neck lifts

Step 1: Look straight ahead and place your finger tips at the bottom of your neck. Tilt your head back and lightly stroke your skin downwards like a light massage.

Step 2: Tuck your head into your chest, and repeat 3 more times.

Step 3: Point your chin upwards at the sky and jut out your lower lip as far as possible. You’re trying to pull the corners of your lips as far down as you can. Place your fingertips on your collarbone, and hold for 6 deep breaths.

 When you stroke your skin, you engage the sensory cells underneath and increase blood circulation to that area, providing more oxygen to keep your skin cells healthy. And this exercise further engages major muscles in your neck like the splenius, triangularis, mentalis, digastric, and platysma muscles.

 5. The Cheek Push-Up:

Perfect For: Saggy cheeks, cheek wrinkles

An Alternative To: Botox, upper lip fillers.

 Step 1: Smile and open your mouth into the same “O” position as earlier, covering your teeth with your upper lip. Continue smiling to lift your cheek muscles up.

Step 2: Place your index fingers right on top of your upper cheek muscles, in the area right underneath your eyes.

Step 3: Relax your smile, allowing your cheek muscles to return to their original, relaxed position. Smile again, focusing on using the corners of your mouth to lift these cheek muscles back up, as high as you can.

Step 4: Repeat this exercise 10 times. On the last time, push your cheek muscles up as high as you can, and hold for 4 deep breaths.

 This quick and easy exercise engages crucial face and cheek muscles like your levator labii superioris, caninus, and zygomaticus major and minor.

 And there you have it! 5 anti-aging exercises you can do anywhere, anytime of the day. No expensive procedures, no products, just a simple workout routine for your face.

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